Pressure-sensitive tape-so-called because light pressure causes it to stick readily to most surfaces-typically consists of four component layers (See Figure below). Two of these layers are readily recognizable: the adhesive mass, which is composed of an acrylic polymer; and the backing, or carrier. Less apparent but equally important are the keying coat, or primer, used between the adhesive and backing to insure good adhesion between the two; and the release coat, applied to the side of the backing that is away from the adhesive mass, so the roll can be unwound without leaving any residual adhesive.


Construction of BOPP Self-Adhesive Tapes :

Backing : Bioxally Oriented Polypropelene (BOPP) Film

Adhesive : Acrylic based

Colours : Transparent, Brown, Milky White, Red, Green, Pink, Magenta, Black, Blue etc.

Roll Width : As per specification

Roll Length : As per specification


  • Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
  • Excellent UV resistance and long aging properties.
  • High tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces instantly.
  • High performance ensures reliable closures.

Application Techniques :

A variety of application equipment that includes manual dispensers and semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment is available for Self-Adhesive Tape application. Performance will vary depending on application techniques and conditions.

Storage Conditions :

Store in a clean, dry place. Temperature of 5-38°C is recommended.